AW: [bf1942] bind BF2 to non-primary IP-address?

Timo Hilbertz hilbertz at
Thu Jun 16 07:05:44 EDT 2005

by non-primary i mean the IP-Addresses that are listed as ethX:Y in
eth0 <--- primary
eth0:1 <--- secondary
eth0:2 <--- tertiary
and so on...

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> --On Thursday, June 16, 2005 12:32 PM +0200 Timo Hilbertz
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> > some people (including me) have difficulties when trying to run BF2
> > (Linux) on the non-primary IP-Address. You cannot connect if the server
> > doesn't use the first IP. Any solution for that?
> I've seen a number of people use the term "non-primary". What do you mean
> by that?
> I think interfaces get named in the order they're found on the
> bus, but you
> might be able to override this if they use different drivers, by naming
> them explicitly in modules.conf.
> Try using "lsof -i" to see what interface the process is actually
> listening
> on. tcpdump or ethereal (packet sniffers) can also be useful for figuring
> out what's going on.

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