[bf1942] Modding v Hacking

Dave Snodgrass packtloss at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 16:10:01 EDT 2005

> Now I give my money to Blizzard lol.

Funny you say that. Here's my blizzard post:
Not that anyone will care, but I too have decided i hate wow. I'm
going to give my account away, but as of now - This game sucks. I
started playing thinking 'Woot, the WORLD of WARcraft' - I suffered
through the orignial pvp implementations, tried to force myself to
think that a 40v40 MMO battle REALLY was MMO, but its not. Even quake3
gives you more massive mutliplayer battles.

60 content seems to be mostly the 'world of waitcraft' - Standing
around for perfect instance groups, waiting 2 hours after login to
finally get into a BG thats just the southshore zerg with a few

So, I've met many nice people here - Others not so nice, but with that
i bid you all adieu, and wish you all the best. Even you bodybagger.

I suppose every game has its major major flaws :/

On 6/15/05, Michael Ressen <netadmin at michiganburbs.com> wrote:
> Joe wrote:
> > Exactly why I asked..Quite a few people are already working at making local
> > rank/unlock tracking possible, and I fear EA may tell them to shove it &
> > remove them from the master servers. Then came the idea of a master server
> > mod, but at that point I wouldn't be surprised to see EA serve some legal
> > papers..sigh.
> >
> We actually did this back when Valve shut down the WON servers.   We had
> a working daemon that could serve as both an auth mechanism, and master
> browser.   Since we couldn't tap directly into the game, we had thought
> of incorporating the client as a 3rd party launcher for the game (then
> CS 1.5), maybe wrapped in something like C-D.    We'd even discussed it
> at UA, but it wasn't a priority.   Then came the threats from Valve.
> Basically, they said use of the dedicated server was by EULA, and they
> could cancel it at any time, removing our license to use it, and
> wrapping auth in a seperate package and running the game against their
> wishes with a private master system was illegal and they would pursue
> action if it were to proceed.
> Read the EULA carefully, is all I can say.   In the end, I dropped all
> my CS servers, and saved myself lots of money by not ever buying a Valve
> product again.    Now I give my money to Blizzard lol.
> /BA

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