[bf1942] Another angle

PhoeniX phoenix at lan-power.de
Wed Jun 15 05:40:35 EDT 2005

That could be planned by EA/DICE...
There was no EULA with the first Demo-Servers, that everyone looks into the 
config-files and unlock weapons and remove the time-limit was predictable 
(at least for me!)

Could be that they had this in mind to show us, what they do if you do 
something wrong, as a warning!

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> Adam Hobbs wrote:
>> Hi,
>> <rant>
>> ........
>> </rant>
>> mentasm
> In my experience, people get pissed off for being punished of something 
> they didn't know. Especially if they believe there actions are for the 
> common good.
> Bottom line: EA should have communicated BEFORE they took action.
> With kind regards,
> Anton Jansen

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