[bf1942] Response from EA regarding server Bans

Michael Ressen netadmin at michiganburbs.com
Tue Jun 14 21:06:15 EDT 2005

Luke wrote:
> It's obvious this guy is a complete ass. Who in their right mind would
> classify modders and dedicated severs admin and 'hackers'?
> It's odd because we 'were' on his team so to speak in supporting the game.
> Now, genuine hackers will undoubtably crack their prescious Python scripts
> and ranking code and then who here will lift a finger to help offer ways
> to fix the issue like we normally do? Not me, thats for sure......
> Good move EA - target the modders and admins as 'hackers' and then sit
> back and watch as the real hackers tear you a new one.
> Luke

It's called "PR Spin".   If EA admitted to leaving the settings in the 
open, right in the .py files, they'd be admitting they were complete 
idiots, and I'm sure everyone would second guess thier thoroughness. 
Whoever wrote this doesn't have a fucking clue server admins even exist 
- as far as he's concerned, paint EA as the sole source of servers, 
label everything else as run by hackers, unverified, unranked, etc., and 
create a sense of fear for the casual nooblet to need to stick with big 
brother EA to be safe.

I have two words for them at this point:   Suck cock

Andreas, I'm sure you're sifting through this, and no disrespect 
intended toward you or the dev team, but damn - someone needs to stand 
up and put a kabosh on this bullshit, or just get out entirely.

Sorry for my anger and language here guys, it's just I thought for a 
moment we were dealing with Valve.


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