[bf1942] Response from EA regarding server Bans

Luke luke at techfreak.org
Tue Jun 14 20:42:41 EDT 2005

It's obvious this guy is a complete ass. Who in their right mind would
classify modders and dedicated severs admin and 'hackers'?

It's odd because we 'were' on his team so to speak in supporting the game.
Now, genuine hackers will undoubtably crack their prescious Python scripts
and ranking code and then who here will lift a finger to help offer ways
to fix the issue like we normally do? Not me, thats for sure......

Good move EA - target the modders and admins as 'hackers' and then sit
back and watch as the real hackers tear you a new one.


James Gurney said:
> On 6/14/2005 5:11 PM, Kingsley Foreman wrote:
>> http://www.eagames.com/official/battlefield/battlefield2/us/editorial.jsp?src=communityupdate_061405
> "The activities of the obviously active hacking community"
> "active hacking community"? How about active community of server admins
> who helped keep bf1942 alive and making money long after it would
> otherwise have slipped into obscurity?
> Hey.. EA.. fuck you!

Blessed are the geeks: for they shall inherit the earth.

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