[bf1942] priorities?

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Tue Jun 14 19:46:23 EDT 2005

EA so far looks like $8/slot, but two other GSPs I have spoke to lately have
claimed to be in talks w/EA to offer ranked solutions for about $5/slot. I'm
paying less than $1.20 a slot with our new host for a 64-slot'er, just to
add some pain to your suffering. ;)

The server companies over here these days (the good ones, at least) are very
community friendly from what I've seen..They don't have the luxury of
massive PR and advertising budgets to brush aside bad community relations
like some people..*cough cough*

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Joe wrote:

>Gee, either punish the private servers or release an actual working ded
>server for them..What's next? Pay-per-patching for dedicated servers?
>Dedicated server code leasing programs? I'd better stop giving them
Great thing over here in germany is, that there is just one GSP who
offers offical ranked servers (ok we expected that so far)
but the fun part are the prices: for a 32-Slot server they are charging
234 Euros (~280 $) 64 players go for 450 Euros (~540 $).
I dunno about the prices elsewhere but these are some really scary
numbers compared to unranked providers, which go for about half
to a quarter of that (even cheaper with your own dedicated server).
Now _that's_ community-friendly :)
Sebastian Latza
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