[bf1942] priorities?

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Tue Jun 14 19:11:59 EDT 2005

Look at it this way. The only folks truely pissed about this are the private
server admins. What did EA do in their last community update? Basicly called
our servers crap, and directed the new players to use our servers as
practice fodder before they join the officials. They've denied us
information, server file prereleases, and oodles of other things any
respectable game company would extend to us community administrators.

Gee, either punish the private servers or release an actual working ded
server for them..What's next? Pay-per-patching for dedicated servers?
Dedicated server code leasing programs? I'd better stop giving them

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yes cause the same guys would work on that...!!!

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> Maybe if they had spent the last two days getting us a working 32-bit
> Linux server rather than obsessively banning perfectly good servers
> everyone would now be happy.
> Luke
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