Response from EA regarding server Bans

[RNGD]Tyrant tyrant at
Tue Jun 14 18:16:03 EDT 2005

I sent my contact (for interviews and stuff) an email about this issue, they
have confirmed that they are indeed banning is the reply


Yes, we have temporarily blocked servers that have made certain hacks -
taking out the time limit or accessing all the unlocks.  It's certainly
possible to get unbanned - the current bans for first offenders are just for
a couple of days - repeat offenders will get longer penalties.  The bottom
line is we are completely supportive of mods (that offer new/tweaked
gameplay), but will not tolerate hacks that get around some of our important
gameplay elements (like the unlock system).

We will not permit mods that provide access to all the unlocks (on the
ranked servers anyway) - that defeats the whole purpose of the ranking
system.  It's not the same as the M60/Law issue, which was simply a balance

We are putting together announcement to clear up this and some other




I then asked him a follow up question about if they would allow an 'unlock
mod' for the full version and he said that would be ok, for unranked servers

By the way I am new to the group, but I am the cofounder of
and we have been hounding EA about this ranked server issue for months, and
we will keep doing it. One thing I can report is they are going to allow
more hosts to rent ranked servers (Art of War announced today they are part
of the program)


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