[bf1942] Andreas, please help us....

ScratchMonkey ScratchMonkey at MatureAsskickers.net
Tue Jun 14 17:16:02 EDT 2005

--On Tuesday, June 14, 2005 2:02 PM -0700 Brigham Stevens 
<brs at vikingmind.com> wrote:

> Can you please get an official word to us on what EA's policy is for
> demo servers with modified python scripts? Honestly, nobody here meant
> any harm to EA, and if EA didn't want us to change it, they should not
> have made it so easy...

Can anyone find a copy of the EULA in their installation? I don't see it on 
my client, and I'm waiting for the 32-bit Linux server so I can't check 
that one out. This ban smells of some heavy-handed IT drone exercising his 
muscle without proper oversight.

I could live without the locked weapons. Although EA probably should have 
pulled the graphics from the binary to effect that lock.

But the 12-minute timeout is really stupid from a marketing perspective. 
The first server I played on had that and it would have totally killed the 
game for me had I been stuck with that as my first impression. Removing the 
timeout has turned the game into "Battlecrack" and I'll happily spend lots 
of money to buy more maps and expand the experience.

We'd all be happy to comply with EA's wishes if it were clear what they 
were, even if they do mean poor sales from driving potential customers away.

Now I'm having second thoughts about throwing money at this game.

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