Andreas, please help us....

Brigham Stevens brs at
Tue Jun 14 17:02:09 EDT 2005


Can you please get an official word to us on what EA's policy is for
demo servers with modified python scripts? Honestly, nobody here meant
any harm to EA, and if EA didn't want us to change it, they should not
have made it so easy... This could hardly be considered a hack! EA gave
us the sources to change. I mean, that is why python is in it? There is
no way that anyone at EA would reasonably assume that we would not
change the time! I mean, did the business people even know it was so
easy to do?

Could you please confirm if EA really is blacklisting servers and what
is going to happen when the full game comes out?

There is a lot of speculation going on about this, and it would be nice
to get an official policy from EA to set it straight. I think EA is
getting off to a bad start in relationsips with independant server
operators who want to run gaming communities by taking these actions,
and it would be nice to have the record set straight.

I love the game, it is the best video game ever, of all time to date.
And this is just the demo! The demo itself qualifies for GAME OF THE
YEAR if you ask me!


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