[bf1942] Issues regarding "ranked servers"

Chris Adams chris at fragzzhost.com
Sun Jun 5 14:42:53 EDT 2005

"The only support i've seen coming from the list in 
regards to this is from GSPs that have obviously gotten a contract, so
think its a great idea" - well you can hardly blame the ones of us who
have no interest in actually playing the game :-)

Seriously though I do agree that this is going to be truly awful if
non-ranked servers are not allowed exactly the same game that the ranked
servers have, just without the ranking, and keeping all this weapon
limiting to ranked servers only. If you take a look back at my post last
night though, I do think that this could turn out very well, with
serious gamers sticking to non-ranked servers (as really which serious
clan / league players care about global ranking?), and the n00bs, newbs
and l33t h4x0rs sticking to the ranked servers. I could however be
totally wrong.

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I'll ditto this comment.  The only support i've seen coming from the
list in 
regards to this is from GSPs that have obviously gotten a contract, so
think its a great idea!

For any GSP/gaming community that is based in the US, this is a
horrible thing.

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>I am with you 100%.......
> Two months ago most of the GSP'd were outraged over the fact that the
> 'community' wouldnt have access to all the weapons, stats and ranking.
> Now, a few of them have bee handed contracts to host EA's ranked
> and suddenly it all seems like a great idea to them. Shame on you!
> I just want to state that I will start preperation to begin a boycott
> all 'ranked' servers until the code and weapons are made available to
> admins. It may not get us anywhere, but EA seems to want to make it
> for community members to feel slighted by their attitude.
> I have never sat around while people tell me my servers are 'junior
> league' (when compared to EA's approved servers) and I don't intend to
> now. to hell with that.
> Luke
> Shockwave said:
>> On Mon, 2005-06-06 at 03:21 +1200, Michael Davies wrote:
>>> I think there's going to be a lot more ranked "official" servers
>>> you
>>> guys are expecting. Recently it was announced that 3 major Aussie
>>> will be providing between 300-400 player slots on ranked servers and
>>> know of a similar deal being done in NZ. In America I know of a BIG
>>> network of the ranked servers run by EA themselves through a
>>> site and a large group of admins. Worldwide deals have already been
>>> and sealed with large GSP's to provide servers.
>>> While the smaller servers hosting outfits and clans will miss ranked
>>> action on their servers there will be no shortage of 'official'
>>> worldwide.
>>> Michael Davies.
>>> NZBattlefield.com
>> While that is certainly a good thing to hear, the fact remains that a
>> significant portion of the community will not be able to use the
>> they already have for ranked play.  That includes my clan.  Besides,
>> what happens when it comes down to competitive gaming?  Are all the
>> league and ladder clan matches now going to be required to be played
>> ranked servers?  What does that mean for all those "special weapons"
>> that can only be unlocked on ranked servers?  Am I supposed to throw
>> away the co-located server deal I have had for 6 years and rent a box
>> from one of EA's "approved" GSP's instead?  That's right gaming
>> community.  Shell out the cash for the game and don't forget to pony
>> over $100 extra every month for a brand new "EA approved" server if
>> ever want to have your team practice with any of those shiny new
>> weapons.  What a farce!  By the way, does anyone seriously think that
>> is going to do a better job of administrating their servers than any
>> of us could with our own servers?  I think not and I wager I'm not
>> only one who feels this way.  If anyone needs proof, simply look at
>> their abysmal track record.  This whole issue is completely
>> There is absolutely no reason why weapons and other facets of the
>> currently restricted to ranked servers cannot be made to be available
>> unranked servers if EA really wanted to do it.  There are plenty of
>> alternatives that will not only protect the veracity of player stats
>> the ranking system itself but also give the community the flexibility
>> needs to play the game without having to dump more money into EA's
>> corporate coffers.  Instead EA continues to be myopic and
>> spurning the very community that continues to line their pockets so
>> faithfully.  The bottom line must be pretty large to make them this
>> cavalier about how they treat their customer base.
>> I am extremely disappointed with EA and their unfair handling of this
>> and other important issues.  It's pathetic that the only thing
>> in the way of us getting what is fair is EA's disdain for the spirit
>> gaming and those of us who steal time away from work and our families
>> play their games.  They know exactly what they are doing and yet they
>> just don't seem to care.  Shame on them.
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