[bf1942] Issues regarding "ranked servers"

Jon Wolberg jon at defenderhosting.com
Sun Jun 5 14:20:22 EDT 2005

I'll ditto this comment.  The only support i've seen coming from the list in 
regards to this is from GSPs that have obviously gotten a contract, so they 
think its a great idea!

For any GSP/gaming community that is based in the US, this is a horrible, 
horrible thing.

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>I am with you 100%.......
> Two months ago most of the GSP'd were outraged over the fact that the
> 'community' wouldnt have access to all the weapons, stats and ranking.
> Now, a few of them have bee handed contracts to host EA's ranked servers
> and suddenly it all seems like a great idea to them. Shame on you!
> I just want to state that I will start preperation to begin a boycott of
> all 'ranked' servers until the code and weapons are made available to all
> admins. It may not get us anywhere, but EA seems to want to make it easy
> for community members to feel slighted by their attitude.
> I have never sat around while people tell me my servers are 'junior
> league' (when compared to EA's approved servers) and I don't intend to
> now. to hell with that.
> Luke
> Shockwave said:
>> On Mon, 2005-06-06 at 03:21 +1200, Michael Davies wrote:
>>> I think there's going to be a lot more ranked "official" servers than
>>> you
>>> guys are expecting. Recently it was announced that 3 major Aussie GPS's
>>> will be providing between 300-400 player slots on ranked servers and I
>>> know of a similar deal being done in NZ. In America I know of a BIG
>>> network of the ranked servers run by EA themselves through a centralized
>>> site and a large group of admins. Worldwide deals have already been done
>>> and sealed with large GSP's to provide servers.
>>> While the smaller servers hosting outfits and clans will miss ranked
>>> action on their servers there will be no shortage of 'official' servers
>>> worldwide.
>>> Michael Davies.
>>> NZBattlefield.com
>> While that is certainly a good thing to hear, the fact remains that a
>> significant portion of the community will not be able to use the servers
>> they already have for ranked play.  That includes my clan.  Besides,
>> what happens when it comes down to competitive gaming?  Are all the
>> league and ladder clan matches now going to be required to be played on
>> ranked servers?  What does that mean for all those "special weapons"
>> that can only be unlocked on ranked servers?  Am I supposed to throw
>> away the co-located server deal I have had for 6 years and rent a box
>> from one of EA's "approved" GSP's instead?  That's right gaming
>> community.  Shell out the cash for the game and don't forget to pony up
>> over $100 extra every month for a brand new "EA approved" server if you
>> ever want to have your team practice with any of those shiny new
>> weapons.  What a farce!  By the way, does anyone seriously think that EA
>> is going to do a better job of administrating their servers than any one
>> of us could with our own servers?  I think not and I wager I'm not the
>> only one who feels this way.  If anyone needs proof, simply look at
>> their abysmal track record.  This whole issue is completely ridiculous!
>> There is absolutely no reason why weapons and other facets of the game
>> currently restricted to ranked servers cannot be made to be available on
>> unranked servers if EA really wanted to do it.  There are plenty of
>> alternatives that will not only protect the veracity of player stats and
>> the ranking system itself but also give the community the flexibility it
>> needs to play the game without having to dump more money into EA's
>> corporate coffers.  Instead EA continues to be myopic and self-centered,
>> spurning the very community that continues to line their pockets so
>> faithfully.  The bottom line must be pretty large to make them this
>> cavalier about how they treat their customer base.
>> I am extremely disappointed with EA and their unfair handling of this
>> and other important issues.  It's pathetic that the only thing standing
>> in the way of us getting what is fair is EA's disdain for the spirit of
>> gaming and those of us who steal time away from work and our families to
>> play their games.  They know exactly what they are doing and yet they
>> just don't seem to care.  Shame on them.
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