[bf1942] Issues regarding "ranked servers"

Rick Thompson rick at fortweb.com
Sun Jun 5 14:28:54 EDT 2005

I am pretty certain it has been determined and verified that admins will be 
able to choose to use weapons restrictions or not. Unless I misunderstood, 
that has been mentioned here a few times in the last week.

Not that I disagree with you about their attitude and obvious grab for the 
server market.

This whole ranking thing is a bunch of hype and bs anyway. Does anyone 
think it will be cheat and exploit free? If it is, it will be the first 
ranking system ever that was. It really adds nothing to the game but 
overhead and a huge amount of work to manage which is time that *should* 
have went into the game instead.

In my experience, stats do more to hurt a team based game than anything. 
Secondly, I think it will limit the userbase, especially if leagues require 
ranked servers. A large percentage of gamers simply can't afford EA's prices.

On the bright side, we can always ignore BF2 and continue to host UT/BF 
servers. I am not even going to buy the game to try it until I see how this 
whole ranking thing plays out.


At 12:50 PM 6/5/2005 -0500, you wrote:
> > There is absolutely no reason why weapons and other facets of the game
> > currently restricted to ranked servers cannot be made to be available on
> > unranked servers if EA really wanted to do it.  There are plenty of
> > alternatives that will not only protect the veracity of player stats and
> > the ranking system itself but also give the community the flexibility it
> > needs to play the game without having to dump more money into EA's
> > corporate coffers.  Instead EA continues to be myopic and self-centered,
> > spurning the very community that continues to line their pockets so
> > faithfully.  The bottom line must be pretty large to make them this
> > cavalier about how they treat their customer base.

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