[bf1942] Issues regarding "ranked servers"

Chris Adams chris at fragzzhost.com
Sat Jun 4 19:35:36 EDT 2005

It might turn out well actually. The ranked servers might end up being
places for n00bs and l33t people who really don't care about anyone

"does that make the concept of keeping the average clan admin relegated
to running 'warm-up' servers for the ranked servers........"

Maybe the non-ranked servers will become a haven for the more
level-headed people who really don't care about being judged by a
ranking system and instead want a decent game? Of course this depends
upon whether all the weapons etc are available to non-ranked servers. We
could end up with the cheaters, teamkillers and idiots staying away from
the non-ranked servers, which would be brilliant :-)

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ok..... so a few GSP's are in on the deal. So what? That doesnt really
change the fact that most servers wont have access to the ranking code
thats just wrong.

I agree that it would be even worse to have the ranking code 'in the
so that it could be hacked and cheated. But, does that make the concept
keeping the average clan admin relegated to running 'warm-up' servers
the ranked servers........


Sebastian Kleye said:
> I think EA will give the ranked server binary to some trusted GSPs (I
> hope so :) ). Otherwise the chances are very likely that somebody uses
> the ranked server binary for reverse engineering or network sniffing
> build a "ranking cheat" or something like that if it would be
> to everyone...have you ever thought this way? I think it was a big
> effort to build up the stats system...to big and expensive to be
> in days or even hours of some leet hax0r.
> Luke wrote:
>>I hope thats the way it plays out....... and I will do my part, if I
>>But, I am totally outraged over EA's blatant attempt to cut us out of
>>game (or relagate us to the n00b servers) with this tactic. There is
>>other reason that they would opt to make 'ranked' server status
>> unavaiable
>>to any admin who wants to set it up. It's totaly unbelievable.
>>I am seriously thinking of starting a website to promot the boycott of
>> BF2
>>ranked servers........ that's how much this pisses me off. For years
>>admins bust our asses to help make the BF franchise (and others) a
>> success
>>and this is how they turn it on us? BS......
>>Other games that h ave uses 'stats' and 'rank' always left it as an
>> option
>>for ANY admin to implement these features or not. Examples are UT2004
>>Americas Army.
>>Michael Ressen said:
>>>Scummy wrote:
>>>>With al this payment info does this mean players will have to pay to
>>>>ranked or to play?
>>>I'm not sure how to read that.   Perhaps.   In any event, I wouldn't
>>>worry about it.   The leagues will base off of the game as it's
>>>on public servers, so without the unlocked items.   On EA servers
>>>who absolutely have to play with the ranking system can deal with the
>>>rampant teamkilling and mass chaos that has always been associated
>>>EA's servers.
>>>The real gamers, clans, and leagues will still play on GSP-hosted
>>>servers just like any other FPS.   I wouldn't expect to see any
>>>   Keep in mind the requirements to run a server are pretty high, and
>>>are usually out of the affordability range of the average 15 yr old.
>>>EA's servers will be a success, but the quality play will still
>>>on the public GSP hosted boxes.
>>>No worries, guys.

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