[bf1942] all weapons unlocked? EA STATEMENT

]ncz[Toertsche webmaster at no-clan-zocker.de
Tue Jul 26 18:36:36 EDT 2005

Good question, nearly all of my clanmembers included me were unlocked, 
all in the 40000000+ area, since yesterday and still this evening, even 
after the community update. Now it seems to be normal again.

Excuse any mistakes in the language, you can own them :)

Toertsche (Germany)

David Stevens schrieb:
> I would like to know as well.
> However, one thing I did notice, is the blazing speed in which they patch
> this problem.
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> EA's official statement about the 'issue':
> Community Update - 7/25/05
> Profiles with all Weapons Unlocked 
> Many users logged into Battlefield 2 today to discover that they had access
> to all of the game's weapons unlocked in their profile. We have fixed the
> root issue that caused this to occur and by tomorrow morning all users will
> return to having access only to the weapons which they had earned. Once our
> solution is in place, if you find that you do not have access to weapons
> appropriate to your in-game rank, please direct inquiries to the Support
> sites linked below. In some cases users may be prompted to re-select the
> Unlock weapons that they are eligible for (if you are eligible for two
> weapons you will get to choose the two you wish to have unlocked). 
> If you qualify for unlocked weapons but cannot unlock them contact
> http://eatech.custhelp.com to report your technical issue and one of our
> Support representatives.
> Source:
> http://www.eagames.com/official/battlefield/battlefield2/us/editorial.jsp?sr
> c=communityupdate_072505
> I am still curious...was it a bug or someone hacking (as has been claimed)

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