[bf1942] Ranked Server ranking delay?

David Harrison trogspam at games.telstra.com
Sun Jul 24 20:31:47 EDT 2005

We're also having this problem, and have been discussing it with EA, 
who've told us so far that it was simply due to a massive backlog. At no 
time have they suggested that we need to furnish them with a list of all 
our server IP/ports.

We've had users reporting for over a week that our servers aren't 
logging their stats. Some of our servers are, some aren't - we've got 
~22 so trying to resolve this issue is proving to be a real pain.

-- david

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> As you should well know Jon this depends on how registration is done
> either by single ip:port or via ip block and as Einar also pointed out
> it is also effected by any processing delay with the stats themselves.
> There have been a number of reported delays in both stats processing
> and registration processing and once EA have been informed as
> the host is stating "its out of their hands".
> So yes remind you host that you are still not seeing stats but if
> they have stated they have registered the details with EA its highly
> likely this is the case and there is a delay further down the line
> for some reason.
>     Steve / K
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>   From: Jon Wolberg
>   No, this is not normal.
>   You need to yell at your provider, as our servers start showing
> ranks instantly upon start.
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