[bf1942] Ranked Server ranking delay?

Tim Cooper tim at myinternetservices.com
Sat Jul 23 21:32:44 EDT 2005

How does this help?

As a ranked server provider all I know to do is .


#1 install the ranked server

#2 send an email to EA to add the ip

#3 play the game

#4 play the game some more.


I too get a quick response from EA after we add it, and even are VERY
helpful when I call them on the phone to verify that the client is indeed
getting their stats.

I have also seen it take 24-48 hours on my client's server before the stats
show (meaning from the minute I put the ip up,,,, it takes the points earned
to apply).


Keep in mine we as ranked server providers cannot control how the ranking is
reported .. We just supply the equipment and make sure the ip in question is
added to the databank




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No, this is not normal.


You need to yell at your provider, as our servers start showing ranks
instantly upon start.



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I finally got myself a ranked server 3 days ago, but our server still isn't
recording ranks on the EA database. The server shows up as ranked but ranks
don't stay recorded (even though when you play in the server you can even
get a promotion or receive an unlock, but when you login next time all that
is gone). Needless to say this inst making members too happy right now. 


My host claims that they gave EA the IPs off all the ranked servers they
created and that it is 'in EA's hands'. Whats even more annoying is they say
that until EA manually adds our IP, all scores are essentially going into
oblivion!!!, so its not a delay on the scores showing up, but a delay on
when they even bother to start adding the scores at all. 


Question: Is this normal? (and what is a normal delay time.right now I and
others are at 3 days)




And if this is standard procedure.then how extremely lame of EA to have this
kind of process where ranked servers aren't really ranked for a week!!!

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