AW: [bf1942] PB Update Problem (linux server only)

Jani Partanen jiipee at
Fri Jul 22 01:09:58 EDT 2005

Well actually I have now restarted our server (32-bit) and it's running 
old version... Tested that same to 64-bit server and it seems to run just 
fine. So there is some problem with 32-bit server.

On Thu, 21 Jul 2005, Götz Klingelhöfer [KGN] wrote:

> Hey,
> so your server are running using linux:
> - Did you join the server or did you have a look at the startup of the
> server?
> - Is it showing the correct version number in the logfiles of PB?
> - Did you join the server and had a look if some messages occure regarding
> "using an old version" or not?
> So maybe it is possible for you to send me "your" /pb directory zipped
> directly to me so I can have a test with it?
> Many thanks,

 	-JiiPee-	...And Justice For all

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