PB Update Problem (linux server only)

Götz Klingelhöfer [KGN] tankmann at krawall.de
Thu Jul 21 14:04:53 EDT 2005

Hi there,

anybody else having punkbuster reporting old version on linux servers after

No matter if patched through the ./pbweb.x86 or via manual download. After
starting the server it is showing this info:

[07.21.2005 17:50:42] PunkBuster Server (v1.123 | A1310 C1.128) Enabled
[07.21.2005 17:50:42] Game Version [1.1.2484.0]

The actual client version should be 1.198 -> so all of these servers are
reporting an old punkbuster version.

multiplay.co.uk already started a ticket @ PB but it would be interesting to
know if really everybody is having this problem.


--Goetz aka Tankmann
Krawall.de // K-Play.de

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