[bf1942] Connection Problems!!

Atomm Nihilo - Gamers Radio atomm at gamersradio.com
Tue Jul 19 16:26:01 EDT 2005

This brings up a really good point. In BFV, the TWL league required us
to use the T-1 choke setting. We found that caused more problems. If you
pushed it back down to 256, things were a lot, lot smoother.

Could BF2 have the same issue? BTW, my setting was 0 and I have trying
to track a similiar problem. It appears to happen every time one of the
BF2 threads tries to access the CPU. It's almost like clockwork.

I changed mine to 256. I'll let you know if that helped.

Atomm Nihilo
Head Lunatic

> I have the same problem, amd 3000 sempron, 1gb ram, fedora core 3, bf2cc 
> daemon with adin scripts.
> sometimes, don't know why, server gives "connection problems" randomnly.
> Kevin wrote:
> > Wondering if anyone else is getting lag spikes when players join or
> > their servers. I'm running  Athlon 3000 Barton--1024MB Ram---100Mbit 
> > Uplink
> > Could this be the choke setting causing this. Currently it is set at
> > Maybe some people can post their serversettings.con so I could compare.
> > Oh, and it's running CentOs 3.4 with version 1.02(fresh install)
> >  
> > Any input on this is appreciated.

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