[bf1942] Server freezing. BUG?

Atomm Nihilo - Gamers Radio atomm at gamersradio.com
Tue Jul 19 16:04:59 EDT 2005

Could this be related to the issue I am seeing with a thread access the
cpu and my server experiences a sudden lag?

> On 7/19/05, Jay Vasallo <jayco1 at charter.net> wrote:
> >>Are you using PunkBuster,
> yes
> >>and if so can you verify your DNS server can
> >>resolve names correctly?
> it does. I'm using Bredbandsbolagets DNSs
> >The freeze comes about eight hours into game play...freezes and then
> server dies.
> My freezes came after less than an hour, my server dosen't die from
> this. After eight hours, it may, but It's been running for more than
> 18h now and no crash. Noone has been on it for the past 12h though.
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