[bf1942] HTML Posting sucks

Panic panic at battlefield.no
Tue Jul 19 13:36:46 EDT 2005

Hey Group

This is a mailing list for the Battlefield (2) linux server. Can we
PLEASE just stick to the BF2 issues? The amount of messages that has
NOTHING TO DO with ANYTHING that is REMOTELY interesting to an BF2
server operator, is for me FAR GREATER than whatever format the mails
arrive in my inbox has.....

Can we all just PLEASE stop all the off-topic babble here now.....?
People who are interested in email formats and "oh that's cool" and "oh
that sucks" one-liners can find suitable mailing lists or forums to join
to let their steam or enthusiasm out, I'm sure.

-Frode, Battlefield.no.

P.S. I really hate the fact that I feel like I have to post this email
to the list...... 1) It should be unnessesary, and 2) it's the same sort
of OT that I'm hoping to se a stop to....

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