[bf1942] Server freezing. BUG?

Mikael Bååth mikaelbaath at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 08:23:27 EDT 2005

On 7/19/05, Jay Vasallo <jayco1 at charter.net> wrote:
>>Are you using PunkBuster,


>>and if so can you verify your DNS server can
>>resolve names correctly?

it does. I'm using Bredbandsbolagets DNSs

>The freeze comes about eight hours into game play...freezes and then
server dies.

My freezes came after less than an hour, my server dosen't die from
this. After eight hours, it may, but It's been running for more than
18h now and no crash. Noone has been on it for the past 12h though.

Mikael "FireLynx" Bååth
European Battlefield 2 League founder.

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