[bf1942] HTML Posting sucks

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Mon Jul 18 19:38:21 EDT 2005

I guess we all have our own pet peeves..  Personally, whether you post on
the top of the e-mail, or on the bottom bothers me not.

I would have people snip the lines that don't mean anything, and I would
prefer not to have to delete 700 > marks from the beginning of each line if
it is quoteable.  However, for the most part, its not much work to scroll
the wheel in the preview pane.

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> erm, but my own last message might be an exception to that 
> rule.  I guess 
> it's just when the only new text is _way_ at the bottom that 
> I ignore it.

I hate having to scroll down first, just to read what you are replying to so
that I can then scroll back up and understand your response.  If someone
quotes an entire email and posts their response at the bottom, that's no
better of course.  I tried long ago to get people posting correctly on the
icculus lists, lost cause there...

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