[bf1942] HTML Posting sucks

Flight 800 Flight800 at Comcast.net
Mon Jul 18 18:40:48 EDT 2005

> So funny..List-Daddy needs to force one or the other eventually..
> I got a private email from someone a while back requesting I 
> default to HTML. On another list I use with this same 
> account, I was posting HTML per a public request and had 
> another private request to post plaintext.

Once and for all, the proper way to post a question or comment to a mailing
list, is just as I have done here.  Quoting relevant parts of past
statements above, and adding your own comments below them.  Any software
developer here who has spent time on a lot of technical mailing lists, knows
this all too well I'm sure.

Taken from an old red hat mailing list I'm on:

--- start ---
-- Contextual quoting is preferred, i.e.

		Quoting user1 (<user1 at somedomain.redhat.com>):
		> Some limited text that will give context.
		Your reply.


		Your reply, lazily put at the top.

		Quoting user1 (<user1 at somedomain.redhat.com>):
		> The whole big blob of the previous posts, including
		> signatures and all

	In fact, the author of the program stops following a thread
	the moment this lazy quoting method is used. He figures that
	if you can't take half a minute of your time to save multiple
	minutes of the readers time, the heck with ya.
--- end ---

For those who are new to technical mailing lists, or think HTML email is the
way to go:


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