[bf1942] HTML Posting sucks (Was Re: [bf1942] MD5 hashes delivery service)

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Mon Jul 18 17:24:23 EDT 2005

So funny..List-Daddy needs to force one or the other eventually..

I got a private email from someone a while back requesting I default to
HTML. On another list I use with this same account, I was posting HTML per a
public request and had another private request to post plaintext.

Personally, I don't give a damn. Rich Text I find a bit easier to work with
in Outlook for whatever reason, but this is a mailing list..A bunch of
emails threaded together..No-one ever said it would look pretty to every


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PLEASE people , use plaintext when posting to the mailinglist.
Per Kristiansen
per at gathering.org

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