[bf1942] Hotfix release time upgraded from 'soon' to 'not far off'

Nicholas McGovern hydro at downclan.com
Fri Jul 15 11:14:19 EDT 2005

On Friday 15 Jul 2005 15:49, Kevin Mahoney wrote:
> So rather than educate the customer on their practices and reasoning
> they choose to be vague and evasive. Has anyone thought about
> promising a date later than expected. This way when the customer gets
> it early they are pleasantly surprised and the software gurus look
> good at the same time. It's astounding. The intelligence level of most
> corporations is quite high but they lack common sense. Even Einstein
> couldn't find his way home. LOL 

Sadly, that's not how most customers view it. Given the choice between a 
more expensive / later delivery and a cheap / earlier delivery, 
customers tend to pick the latter time and time again, irrespective of 
the fact that the second option company will probably run over-time and 
over-budget. It's one of the reasons for CMM and ISO9000. They allow 
you to judge how stable and managed the development cycle will be, 
before you choose them to develop your solution.


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