[bf1942] Hotfix release time upgraded from 'soon' to 'not far off'

Jorrit Schippers jorrit at gameparty.net
Fri Jul 15 08:01:21 EDT 2005

Some recent discoveries using The All Seeing Eye:
1.1.2484.0 is the version currently in testing

The expansion pack Special Forces is in testing too, and I see teamnames
SAS and MECSF playing on map night_flight with version 1.1.2447-180.0


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far off'

oo look it's in testing, that really fills me with confidence!!
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> Last Week the 'hotfix' for the failed 1.01 patch was said to be
> 'soon' (after it was also said to be a 'one line fix'). In a dramatic 
> move,
> in a whole week this one line of codework has gone from 'soon' to 'not
> off'.
>>From EA's latest community update:
> "Listen up soldiers, this update is to inform you that EA and DICE
have a
> HOTFIX candidate for Battlefield 2 v1.01 in testing now. What does
> mean? It means the fix for the memory leak found in v1.01 is being
> and will soon be available. While we're unable to specify an exact
> date, rest assured, it's not far off and we will keep you updated
> this web space"
> I expect next weeks announcement will be 'any time now'
> Their community announcement also 'announced' that Gamespy is having
> problems...and in other news...they let us know that water is 'wet'
> c=update_071405

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