[bf1942] Server browser listing

raW (Mario) raw at sasklan.com
Thu Jul 14 18:25:36 EDT 2005

OMG now im pissed last night I shut down the server a few times reinstalled
all configs 
All I can they SUCK!!!

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This came from EA on another list i'm on:

Just got off the phone with gamespy. Last night they deployed
additional master list servers. Sounds like they where not properly
configured. This effected all Games powered by gamespy. They just
pulled the new servers off line and things should return to normal
pretty quickly.


On 7/14/05, scumbucket at cox.net <scumbucket at cox.net> wrote:
> Yes!
> Our frustration is at its max.
> >
> > From: James Gurney <james at globalmegacorp.org>
> > Date: 2005/07/14 Thu PM 02:13:00 EDT
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> > Subject: [bf1942] Server browser listing
> >
> > Since some time yesterday, our server has vanished from the lamespy
> > server listings, so obviously it's a wasteland as far as players go. Has
> > anyone else run into this? I'm wondering if maybe they're removing
> > servers which haven't rolled back to 1.0 from the listing..
> >
> > James
> >
> >

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