[bf1942] Non-Global Ranking

David Harrison trogspam at games.telstra.com
Tue Jul 12 20:40:53 EDT 2005

Sorry, I should have been more clear - I meant to ask if it was 
technically impossible (ie, have they locked off the functionality to 
allow that in the Python code?).

-- dave

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> Nope, hence the de-listing fiasco.
> I forget the exact wording from the interview question, but EA said
> something to the effect of "If a mod develops all news weapons - code,
> sounds, models, etc, then they can unlock - But if ANY of it is
> dice/ea content, you are at risk of de-linking".
> On that note, from the looks of it, it seems that mods cant reference
> other mods and still have md5 checking. A mod has to be self-contained
> entirely - goodbye 'minimods'.
> ./d
> On 7/12/05, David Harrison <trogspam at games.telstra.com> wrote:
>>> No, you just cant unlock the EA weapons. Mod teams can (and will)
>>> develop their own unlock systems and weapons.
>> How come? You could do it in the demo, right?
>> -- david 

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