[bf1942] Web Script

Tim Cooper tim at myinternetservices.com
Mon Jul 11 14:38:09 EDT 2005

Ok I am trying my own thing and so far have it working great using webmin.

Now I have a problem with the scripting  ... in that .... what command would
I run to check when a user tries to start the server that if its running
b0rks back at ya saying server is already running

Also I am using the line
screen -dmS rental1 /home/username/bf2/start.sh

what 1 line command would I run to kill the "screen rental1"?
I know as the user I ssh in and exit ... but I want the webmin to kill the


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Something i'm working on, similar to the web system in UT2K4 .. will take a 
few more weeks though.

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> Does anyone have a web script that I can give to my clients to start and
> stop their servers?
> Ultimately it would be great if we could have it stop 1 and start another
> .... then vice versa ..
> Ie ... stop the ranked server and start the unranked server with the
> password
> Thanks,
> Tim

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