[bf1942] Researching de-listing

Andrew Armstrong andrewa at bigpond.net.au
Sun Jul 10 11:15:10 EDT 2005

Try removing the brackets ().

Gamespy uses brackets () to evaluate server expressions (eg, it sends a 
query: (servername = "whatever") and you may be breaking that server query 

Try calling youe server: MA Linux

Wait 5 minutes, and see if it lists itself.

- Andrew

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> --On Sunday, July 10, 2005 3:54 PM +0100 Steven Hartland 
> <killing at multiplay.co.uk> wrote:
>> Are you sure ur searching for it properly.
>> 1. Check the same version checkbox.
>> 2. If your still using 1.01 be aware that the filter is now not wild.
>> It is instead a starts with filter..
> As I said, the current name is "(MA) Linux" (without the quotes). Feel 
> free to double-check. The "not wild" thing explains why I was having 
> trouble finding another server yesterday, though. Stupid, stupid EA. With 
> so many people using punctuation in their server names, they should have a 
> more flexible search system. (I was looking for La_Catalina, where some 
> friends were playing, and "Catalina" wasn't being found. Now I know why.)

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