[bf1942] Are you rolling back to 1.0?

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Sat Jul 9 10:13:52 EDT 2005

I cannot believe this.

It Totally amazes me..  So, now we are supposed to go back to the previous
(broken) linux version..  hmmm.

I dunno..  1.01 broke my client.  Every time I try to join (any) server, It
comes up with "This server allows only unmodified content, please revert to
the official version and try again"

I KNOW in my heart of hearts, that if I roll back, the "New" patch will just
break it again.

I think I am just going to return the game.

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Quite possibly. But I look at it like this:

Clients: Reinstall now or (most likely, but not for certain) reinstall
when the new patch is out.
Conclusion: Nothing lost by not rolling back now. A reinstall MAY have
to be performed for 1.02 (or whatever).

Servers: Reinstall now AND reinstall when the new patch is out.
Conclusion: Twice the work to roll back now.

So all in all there will be less bother for both admins and clients to
just use 1.01.


Kevin Mahoney wrote:
> My concern about not rolling back is will we have to do it anyways to
> install their new patch once they release it?

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