[bf1942] Are you rolling back to 1.0?

Nigel Smart nigel.smart at tranceairwaves.com
Sat Jul 9 07:42:23 EDT 2005

Umm.. you're wrong there, the linux servers have the same memory leak as 
that which is effecting the windows servers.
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> Battlefield.no have decided to NOT roll back our 9 servers to version
> 1.0. The reasons for this are:
> 1. The Linux-servers were horrible in 1.0 with all the warping.
> 2. Servers crashed about as frequently before the patch.
> 3. Rolling back means that all our community-members have to reinstall
> their game. In my opinion, Someone(tm) should be very ashamed of
> themselves to even suggest that the users should do this when only the
> Windows-servers are worse off now than in 1.0, while the Linux-servers
> actually work better.
> We have also encouraged other server providers in Norway to keep their
> 1.01 version so we get consistency within the country. I also encourage
> everyone else in the rest of the world to do the same.
> Cholera IS better than the plague.
> Einar, Kybber at Battlefield.no
> Steven Hartland wrote:
>> Yes just done them all.
>>     Steve / K
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>>         Just wondering who is rolling back and who is staying with 1.01
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