[bf1942] Memory Leak Update

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I did reply to Mike asking for any further details, but as of yet, no reply.
Personally, I'll wait for an update rather than uninstalling and
reinstalling, then patching again - as I mentioned elsewhere, it's rather
like the problems with Tribes 2 back in the day.


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How many customers are they expecting to reinstall their game?
Though, rolling back does allow ranked servers to up the ticket count

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All I can say is
you have got to be farking kidding!!!!


Does this mean that every EA official server is rolling back to 1.0?


Can you be a bit more specific about ‘a bit more time’??? how long are we
talking here
days, weeks, months, years?


if it is going to be Monday/Tuesday then it might not be worth it for us to
roll back and have all our members roll back
can you please be more specific



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Good Evening Everyone,

This email is to inform you that I’m in the process of making an update to
the Battlefield 2 web site in regards to the v1.01 memory leak many of you
emailed me about earlier this week. Our production team has been hard at
work trying to resolve this issue and it looks like it’s going to take a bit
more time than what we initially anticipated. I will be posting the
following community update in just a few minutes and ask that you message
your communities with the same update.


Community Update - 7/8/05

HOTFIX for Battlefield 2 v1.01 Coming Soon
First off, a HUGE thanks to all of you who emailed me in regards to the
memory leak found in the update we released earlier this week (v1.01). Your
emails found their way to our production team and they’re in the process of
evaluating what needs to be done in order to get this fixed. In the
meantime, and since the 1.01 update is causing memory leakage on some
systems, we recommend that you reinstall the game and NOT the v1.01 update
we released earlier this week.

Reinstalling Battlefield 2 will not affect your in-game medals or ranked
server statistics. EA and DICE are committed to getting a fix for v1.01 as
soon as we possibly can and will continue to keep you informed through this
web space in the coming days.



If you have a file site that is hosting v1.01, I would ask that you remove
the file. If you’re hosting the Unranked Server Files for Win32 and Unranked
Server Files for Linux (the new ones we made available earlier this week –
on Tuesday), I would ask that you remove those as well since the same
problem exist in them. As a replacement for the server files, please visit
our downloads page and grab the previous versions (see the first 2 files on
this page).


I know this is an inconvenience, but rolling back to the original install
will fix the memory leak problem. In the meantime, we’re going to be working
a bit of over time here to resolve this issue.




Mike Murphy

Community Manager

Battlefield 2
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat



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did they don´ t say ....update is coming "soon" ?


Scott DeLeury schrieb: 

Actually, EA leaves the office at noon on Friday, with linux/unranked fixes
to come ³early on next week, or so...²
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You know, it says Linux later but they are moving briskly
on a Windows test tonight. I would imagine a memory issue
like this, since it is impacting the heap on all O.S. servers,
if they patched the ranked windows code, it makes sense they
would also patch the unranked windows server code as well.
They also know what they are looking for, and it is a specific
fix for this single issue, which minimizes risk in change.
Perhaps this means the Linux patch is right behind it all goes
well tonight.  EA's quick turn-around on this fix, as opposed to
a next patch, is indeed outside the normal M.O.  This yields hope.
Anyone know if they ever make releases on weekends?  If so
perhaps we may see it before the weekend is out. If not, I can't
imagine they would intentionally hold back if the risk assessment
is very low.
Thoughts on this?  A weekend release?
At 02:30 PM 7/8/2005, you wrote:

That article shows a link to:
Which "nicely" states: "EA will select service providers for an open test
tonight." for the memeroy leak patch...
So far for us ppl hoping to actually getting their hands on the fix within a
few hours. It'll indeed be their "ranked partners" first, who can "enjoy"
the normal memory consumption *way* before us unranked server users can...
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I musta missed that earlier..Ticket ratio causing lag? No, causing

complaints.. Put it at 200 FFS! :)

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