[bf1942] Memory Leak Update

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> It's been mentioned in a few places that the ranked providors have an open
> line of communication with each other and EA themselves to track down
> like this. Most ideal solution for us? Probably not..But it's surely
> than nothing.

Agreed.  I'm not knocking those who have been tapped to communicate on a
higher plane, I'm just trying to understand why anyone in a corporate
setting would choose to do business this way.  I have experience with
software development, testing, implementation, and support in enterprise
environments and what I am seeing transpire is ridiculous.  I honestly don't
think it's a stretch to assert that those in charge are either incompetent,
or are rich and powerful enough to afford, at least in their estimation, to
be apathetic.  For example, nobody in their right mind would ever allow
their key programmers to take vacation during the initial release of an
important software product!

There are a multitude of other examples that have been cited, but the end
result is the same; those in charge are sending a clear message that
unranked server providers and the community at large aren't worth dealing
with in a responsible manner.  Even the ranked server providers are victims
of collateral damage to some extent.  At a minimum it's a pathetic,
short-sighted, irresponsible, and cavalier way of dealing with the
situation.  I only hope I'll have a seat on the 50-yard line when karma
comes calling.


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