[bf1942] FYI: K-Play & EA are bringing more slots to Germany

Anton Jansen gradius at fmf.nl
Fri Jul 8 05:32:06 EDT 2005

Paul Bowsher wrote:

>AIX Gaming - they're rented through someone like Multiplay UK or
>K-Play. I don't see how K-Play's announcement is big. Multiplay have
>over 5000 ranked slots available at the moment, set to hit around 6000
>by this evening
>On 7/6/05, AIX Gaming <webmaster at aixgaming.com> wrote:
>>I was wondering about this.  If I wanted to have a ranked server, what are
>>my chances of emailing them and getting affiliated?  I see various small
>>clan sites having ranked servers so how hard could it be?
>>>Hi all,
>>>as published here http://www.bf-news.de/index.php?go=artikel&sid=13133
>>>are EA & K-Play (the German Ranked Server Hoster) is planned to bring
>>>more slots to the people. Starting on Saturday 9th they are beginning to
>>>raise more ranked servers. In nearly two weeks this project should bring
>>>thrice (?) servers up as now.
>>>Regards, Toertsche
In other news today, all the unranked servers still remain empty and 
people start to wonder if hosting unranked BF2 servers has any use ...

With kind regards,

Anton Jansen

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