BF2Status PHP app updated for 1.0.1 Patch

Brigham Stevens brs at
Thu Jul 7 13:11:41 EDT 2005

Just wanted to let you know I have released an update of BF2Status.

BF2Status is PHP app that uses qstat to build a server status page for
your website.

Get the latest release here:

You can see the page in action here:

There are two important fixes included in this release:

+ 1.0.1 patch changed the way map names are reported. The qstat parser
needed to be changed to handle map names with spaces. Luckily there is a
reasonable delimeter still, and it was an easy fix and appears to be
working well.

+ Also fixed a picture file naming bug, all the (*hopefully!*) maps
should be named correctly and display in the status.

If you have any problems using it let me know! If you do use it, let me
know :)


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