[bf1942] Ranked Server Settings

Joe sechon at blackmud.com
Wed Jul 6 19:16:39 EDT 2005

Good luck. They just bound us down to 100 ticket ratio too. Nothing but
complaints from the players in our 64-slot ranked. *sigh*

We've got access to our settings folder, but no python and the ticket
ratio/etc are ignored by the engine now I guess.

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From: Brigham Stevens [mailto:brs at vikingmind.com]
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Subject: [bf1942] Ranked Server Settings

I signed up for a ranked server from a third party company, and they
won't give me access to the game settings files... They claim that EA
will not let them give us access. So this means apparently that on
ranked servers there can be no custom admin scripts and the team
balancer is the default one which is fucked. They have given me a crude
management interface that allows basic RCON access.

Anyone else with a ranked server running into the same issue with your
provider? I would like to know because maybe I could gain some leverage
with my provider.

I do not want to touch ea's ranking files or mess with unlocks, I simply
want to run a decent team play oriented ranked server for my community.
This really BLOWS. Pay the premium for the ranked server and then we are
fucked for supporting them.

So BTW, in order for me to make this server playable I need to turn on
autobalance.. Anyone aware of an RCON command to do that?

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