[bf1942] Ranked Server Settings

Christoph Nothegger bf42 at nothegger.com
Wed Jul 6 18:45:59 EDT 2005

On 07.07.2005 bf1942 at icculus.org wrote:

> I signed up for a ranked server from a third party company, and they
> won't give me access to the game settings files... They claim that EA
> will not let them give us access. So this means apparently that on
> ranked servers there can be no custom admin scripts and the team
> balancer is the default one which is fucked. They have given me a crude
> management interface that allows basic RCON access.

FTP or box access is a pretty big no-no on ranked servers since the
code is different to the standard server version, and EA (obviously)
does not want the code to get out.

We also host ranked servers, but our customers have full BF2CC access;
modifications are usually installed after consulting EA about them
(eg. the autobalance fix or the fix for rcon to avoid handing over
your login to the next person with your player ID).

Some settings cannot be changed on ranked servers though, eg. ticket
ratio, spawn time, players needed to start etc. are all predefined by
EA and need to remain that way.

Not sure if this helps you in any way, but my point is - I don't think
you will find a ranked server provider who can offer you box access or
full FTP access to the BF2 server folder.


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