[bf1942] RE: [Possible Spam]::Re: [bf1942] Patch does not fix +joinServer ( with port )

Jon Wolberg jon at defenderhosting.com
Wed Jul 6 12:25:40 EDT 2005

Per EA this command was specifically removed by DICE.

"Howdy Jon,
     I dont have any of the specifics why this command was removed.  I 
believe the primary reason was due to the player needing to log in through 
the game spy account server before joining a selected server."

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+joinServer ( with port )

> You think maybe they don't want people joining games that way?  Throw us a
> bone and say "sorry, doesn't work."  This has to be the most annoying 
> server
> setup in history.
> John Kennington
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> with
> port )
> No if the port is specific it goes tits up and comes up with a
> network error without sending a packet to the host even if
> the port was the default port.
> I just did some more testing and it appears that anything
> that doesn't match an ip pattern is looked up so it tries
> to resolve:
> Not surprisingly it doesn't resolve and hence the "network
> failure"
> Sorry but that is funny, back to networking 101 for who
> ever wrote that check :P
>    Steve / K
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> From: "ScratchMonkey" <ScratchMonkey at MatureAsskickers.net>
>> Are you saying that a port isn't recognized? My parser isn't quite awake
>> yet.
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