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Mark J. DeFilippis defilm at acm.org
Sun Jul 3 19:57:40 EDT 2005

We are a COD, COD:UO, BF1942 clan. We run two servers:

A Quad 3.2Ghz P4 HT , 4GB Ram, RH 4.3, 2.6SMP Kernel
A Dual 2.4Ghz P4 HT, 2GB Ram, RH4.3, 2.6SMP Kernel

At this point, based on my observations on this list, EA's past
(who could ever forget MOH series).  I have returned my Game.
My two sons are playing on Ranked servers, and my clan is still
going strong with COD and COD:UO.  They are playing on others
ranked servers. We just got back a bunch of guys that quit to play WOW
full time, and are now bored. Back to COD, COD:UO.

At first, the clan, which I run as a democracy, wanted a BF2 server up
ASAP.  Then came the bugs in the windows code, and the Linux
server, now the ranking issue.  They put up a Poll, and they voted
to NOT induct BF2 to my surprise, and instead wait for COD 2, and
Day of Defeat: Source.

EA hardly has a monopoly on good gaming out there.  My younger
son is a BF freak. Plays 1942 and DC almost 10+ hours day
on another clan, since {Trv} decided not to bother with BF1942 or DC.

He has returned to the DC mod to my astonishment. When I asked him
why he stopped playing the game I just paid $50 for, he stated
it "only supports Conquest mode, and that sucks". The BF DC servers
support other play modes, like Co-op.

He tells me that he has no problem finding BFDC servers to play on.

So I am a happy camper. I don't have to bother with EA. Nice game,
but if  you are impressed with the graphics, check out COD2
and DOD:Source.  Based on the screen shots, and play
I have read about, I don't know if they will be too far apart.

So they want to cut out clans and private servers.  They just can't
help shooting themselves in the foot can they?

I do love BF1942 and DC mod.  But BF2 is going in the crapper.
I already spend $450/mo on servers. I am going to rent one of theirs?
for what? One game?

Don't forget about Company Heros. PCG says another winner. This is
just the beginning of the next generation of games that are catching up
to the 16way, 24 way, and 32way pipeline GPU's...

Guys, it is almost a blessing. I am not going to wait until unranked servers
come in to play. If others want to join in, there will be more and more
ranked.  In reality, I don't have enough time in my life to bother unlocking
the roles. Easier to SWITCH than FIGHT....

EA has never been responsive, ever.  Why should we expect them
to now???

Wish I could attach a sound byte of "Another one bites the dust"!


At 12:49 PM 7/1/2005, you wrote:
>We got the same problem.  I can't even get my clanmates to play on our
>server because of this ranking BS.
>We too will pull up stakes if at the end of the month things aren't
>different.  I had high hopes for this being "the next great game" for
>our clan, but that is eroding because of the ranked server problem.
>On 7/1/05, Scummy <scumbucket at cox.net> wrote:
> > I can only speak for my club which has been around for 8 years starting 
> with
> > Valve and then EA Games Servers.
> >
> > In the last 3 days we have gone from having 21,581 players since BF2 
> Release
> > to zero players. (this can be proven by Server Spy on our main page)
> >
> > Everyone has gone to ranked servers with all the bells and whistles that
> > they offer.
> >
> > For the first time I am faced with shuttling the Pirates Bloody Cove or
> > seeking another game to host.
> >
> > EA, to you I hope that you are proud of yourself for driving out the small
> > server operators.
> >
> > Our club has support BF1942 and Vietnam but now with this Ranking 
> Server our
> > future supporting EA is in question.
> >
> > We are a club that is committed to maintaining a safe and a fun server for
> > our wayward net sailors to call their gaming home port.
> >
> > Sure we could rent a Ranked Server but then that's all that our club could
> > afford. Right now we have a host of options by operating our own box.
> >
> > I will stick it out one more month before I decide to drop EA.  It is a
> > shame that EA has done this us!
> >
> > [pbc]ScumBucket
> > www.piratesbloodycove.com
> >
> >
> >
> >

Mark J. DeFilippis, PH. D EE          defilm at acm.org
                                       defilm at ieee.org

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