[bf1942] Attracting Players

David Stevens dave at netdefense.ca
Fri Jul 1 15:02:01 EDT 2005


I think I will tell the clan that if there is noone within the next month, I
will shut it down..

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We got the same problem.  I can't even get my clanmates to play on our
server because of this ranking BS.

We too will pull up stakes if at the end of the month things aren't
different.  I had high hopes for this being "the next great game" for
our clan, but that is eroding because of the ranked server problem.

On 7/1/05, Scummy <scumbucket at cox.net> wrote:
> I can only speak for my club which has been around for 8 years starting
> Valve and then EA Games Servers.
> In the last 3 days we have gone from having 21,581 players since BF2
> to zero players. (this can be proven by Server Spy on our main page)
> Everyone has gone to ranked servers with all the bells and whistles that
> they offer.
> For the first time I am faced with shuttling the Pirates Bloody Cove or
> seeking another game to host.
> EA, to you I hope that you are proud of yourself for driving out the small
> server operators.
> Our club has support BF1942 and Vietnam but now with this Ranking Server
> future supporting EA is in question.
> We are a club that is committed to maintaining a safe and a fun server for
> our wayward net sailors to call their gaming home port.
> Sure we could rent a Ranked Server but then that's all that our club could
> afford. Right now we have a host of options by operating our own box.
> I will stick it out one more month before I decide to drop EA.  It is a
> shame that EA has done this us!
> [pbc]ScumBucket
> www.piratesbloodycove.com

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