Problems with battle recorder methodology

Steven Hartland killing at
Sun Jul 3 17:38:29 EDT 2005

The way the battle recorder works is currently causing issues
due to the way it hooks to external exe's.

What's the problem:
Due to the fact the script is external from the server it has no
context and as such there is no way of telling which server
instance created the demo and hence who should have
access and where it should go.

The solution:
1. Run the script in the main engine
The problem with this is obviously uploads cant take some time
so this would need to be run in its own thread within the server.
2. Enable the demos to be saved to a specific directory based
on a config or command line parameter. Do wish +overlayPath
was still there :p
3. Enable additional parameters to be supplied to the script
based on again either config or command line parameters.

The simplest one of these is #2 but something needs to be
done to solve this issue.

    Steve / K

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