[bf1942] Separate BF2 and BF1942 lists? (was: bye...)

Jeff Abbott fdiv_bug at email.com
Sat Jul 2 21:49:44 EDT 2005

On Jul 2, 2005, at 6:13 PM, ScratchMonkey wrote:

> --On Saturday, July 02, 2005 12:09 PM -0400 Jeff Abbott  
> <fdiv_bug at email.com> wrote:
>> I think if we were majority interested in moving to another, separate
>> list we should use Google Groups  <http://groups.google.com>.
> As Steven points out, Google Groups is an archive and front end for  
> Usenet. And it's failing to carry alt.games.ea.battlefield even  
> though it's existed for 6 months. (All the traffic used to be at  
> alt.games.bf1942, which GG does carry, but it moved to the new  
> group to change names and mission.)

Just to clear the point up, you can create your own groups on Google  
Groups -- I'm on a couple of lists that are housed there.  http:// 
groups-beta.google.com/groups/create is the link, but of course  
you'll need to be signed in.


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