[bf1942] bye...

AIX Gaming webmaster at aixgaming.com
Sat Jul 2 11:43:25 EDT 2005

I do find it kind of funny about the whole situation here.  Imagine if
this were a console game?  All of these major showstopping bugs that are
getting fixed at some point, are not stuff with graphics glitches etc,
they're core gameplay problems that would have never been acceptable in a
console game where patches didn't exist.  Why are PC gamers who pay SO
much more for their gaming hardware, supposed to suffer with games that
are substandard to their much cheaper cousins?  Why didn't they just delay
the game 2 weeks instead of having to have patches now?

> BF2 sucks ass, EA blows goats, and I wish Ryan had made another list for
> the
> few people that will still be trying to administer their own BF2 server a
> month from now.  I hate having to dig through all these posts just to see
> if
> one is related to BF1942.  Anyone who bought the game and tried to run a
> private server is a sucker, experienced admins saw all this BS coming...
> take care!

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