Attracting Players

Jeff Abbott fdiv_bug at
Fri Jul 1 11:17:57 EDT 2005


I'm new to both the list and the world of being a Battlefield 2  
server admin, and I've got a server up that's not seeing many (or,  
most of the time, any) players.  It does appear in the server browser  
(search for it -- it's named "Chunky Bacon BF2") and I have no  
trouble connecting to it, and I have seen a few players over the  
course of a few days so I know others can see it.  The ping is pretty  
low for me (~47ms) and I believe the server is more than adequate  
(dual Opteron 242 with 4GB of memory), even though I don't think  
that'd have much to do with keeping players away.  Should I be doing  
something else?  Am I doing something wrong?  Or is it simply a  
matter of waiting?

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