[bf1942] 1.01 "some time next week"

Mark J. DeFilippis defilm at acm.org
Fri Jul 1 09:57:02 EDT 2005

Hello all,

New to this list, I have nothing to contribute at the moment
but I ask for some information. I will get involved and return
the favor many times, I promise.

The swipe and reality:
Sounds like this should have been the original goal.
We still have no BF2 servers up on our servers.

I promised  users last time that I would not subject them to
the poor Q/A when we went through this with the COD
Linux server. IWN has promised a "non-repeat" of that
event for COD2.  I don't recall the same trouble with the
BF1942 Linux server. Maybe short memory, but I don't
recall major issues at all. Pleasant.

A Hello:
   Hello Steve. See you are busy doing good on many lists! ;-)

The Question:
    Very N00b, I know. But I am not familiar with the changes in BF2
but understand the engine. Once I have worked with it, and picked it
apart, I will have lots of stats and info on it's resource utilization,
memory architecture, etc. I will share as I normally do.

What is the deal with this "De-list servers"?  We can't even get them
up and running, and EA is concerned about how they will remove them?
Please enlighten me.

Since I joined the list, I may have missed any notice on a date they are
shooting for. (For those who are LMAO right now at the notion that there
would be such a thing, when outside this list there appears to be
"dead silence", glad I could make you laugh. I am glad they want a "Fully
Functional", but I would take a "Works without kicking everyone or
having to eliminate the stats" version at this point). Any educated

MY BF1942 and DC servers are coming back.  First week BF2 was out, half
the COD/COD:UO's dropped, BF DC emptied, but they are coming back strong, and
that has me concerned.  Seems at the same time lots of people lost
to the AWE of WOW are now back on BF and COD which says something
about both series in longevity.  So this is a bump, but a bad one.

With others, COD2, and DOD:Source on the horizon, I suspect
busy times!  But I would love to get this awesome game up and running
on my RH Linux servers.

Can someone provide a small summary of any user based fixes,'
any official planned, where things stand on some of the issues above
such as de-listing, etc?

My humble thanks!


At 11:05 PM 6/30/2005, you wrote:
>Our goal is to get a fully operational version of the Linux server out to 
>the Community ASAP. Stay tuned to this spot for updates.
>That is just a joke.
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>>I was hoping for the 1.1, not the 1.01, this 1.01 sounds like client side 
>>only, sort of.
>>Best regards,
>>Ivo Silva
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