[bf1942] 1.01 "some time next week"

[RNGD]Tyrant tyrant at rngd.net
Fri Jul 1 00:04:00 EDT 2005

Is it EA's intention to never allow 3rd party browsers to be able to launch
bf2?...just so they can keep 'delisting'?  I thought the 1.01 was going to
close the loophole that even allowed people to unlock the weapons, so
doesn't that make the delisting moot?

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I agree.

However, they can't remove their only method of "delisting" the "Nasty
hackers" now, can they?

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Dissapointing theres no mention/acknowledgement of not being able to join a 
server via the command line.

- Plasma

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> I was hoping for the 1.1, not the 1.01, this 1.01 sounds like client side 
> only, sort of.
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