[bf1942] BF2 delayed until Q2 this year?

Dave Snodgrass dave at setupahost.net
Thu Jan 27 09:10:06 EST 2005

Not that i want to explain to you that they are not only capatalists, 
But a company that makes money (SEE: Profit) for its shareholders (Their 
ONLY objective), But there are many reasons to delay a game, and few of 
them are development related - As this is a franchise, and by reviewing 
figures based on bfv (low end) and bf42 (high end) they can fairly 
accurately predict sales. If you think you have a soft fiscal 
year/quarter in the near future, you move one of your high-sellers to 
that quarter - This is simple economics. For you to assume its a dev 
issue - When has ea actually delayed a launch due to a bug or two...?

They may take advantage of the delay - Add some features, square away a 
few issues - But i doubt it. Likely the CD print dates are still the 
same - We'll just see the first bf2 patch a bit earlier :)

</crystal ball>

Flight 800 wrote:

>>Sadly, this isnt a pushback for time to remove bugs, or to produce a 
>>linux server. EA doesnt deserve that kind of respect.
>>It's strictly economics - They want one of their high-selling 
>>titles to be in their 2006 books. Dont kid yourselves.
>Why would they want to wait longer and run the risk of people losing
>interest, or bigger, better gaming titles being released?  Also, since they
>are capitalists, I would think they want the money sooner rather than later.
>I think this is actually a development issue...

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